IMG_1404 My name is Lisa Goochee. I am currently enrolled in Stanford’s Learning, Design and Technology Master’s Program, graduating in July 2016.  I am a budding school innovation specialist with a critical eye for educational technologies that support learning and child development. I have diverse experience and insights into K-12 teaching contexts and needs, strong leadership and school-facing communication talents, and extensive experience in social and emotional learning practices and research in education. You will always find me tracking education trends with a perspective to share.

Academically, I am exploring new school operational and instructional models, 21st century skills and competencies, social emotional learning frameworks, user-centered design and research, qualitative research practices, and methods for evaluating new educational technologies during my time at Stanford.

I previously taught elementary school in central Philadelphia, the Alaskan Peninsula, southern China, and the capital of Brazil.  I grew up in California and Pennsylvania. In my spare time I enjoy riding my bike, oil painting, and reading.